The schools themselves always were scary and I hated the fact I had now been to all six. All six vampire Academys. It would be a well done task if it weren't for my reason for so many moves. My powers.... they were rare and quite powerful. I also know that a few vampires have gone insane cause of them. I'm a telepath.

Not an ordinary one. My powers over the mind are advanced. Merely being a telepath is powerful, just hearing thoughts can be very useful but mine go futher than that. I'd rather not go into it either. The stuff I can do in someones mind is not only gruesome but very complex. I could tell you about my gifts in basic scentences but I find even that hard to go into.

I reach the head mistresses office and hesitated. I paced on the spot until... "Are you okay?"

I turned in a flurry of movement to meet the eyes that were the colour of blood. A gasp excapes my lips and I almost fall into the mind of this undefended boy. I stop myself though turning my eyes down to the floor. "I... I'm new here at the Vikrum Academy" I whisper.

"I'm afraid the head mistress is away at a vampire council meeting" another voice said and I noticed a girl slightly younger but slightly taller standing next to the boy I had almost taken over with my gift.

"Oh, well... I don't know what to do then. All I know is I'm in class 2, formare"

"I know where they start so I could show you?"

"That would be nice" I whisper.

"Come on then. What's your name?"

"Lilianna or Anna for short"

"Cool, I'm Hazel and this is Garret"

The boy, Garret, doesn't speak yet I can feel the cold ice that creeps in his mind. I shiver and he looks at me. I looked down immediatly and Hazel looks confused.

"You okay?"

"I.... Its hard to start a new school again"


"Um, I've moved every school year since I started"

"Wow, tough break" I nod silently and soon I'm sat down with my new class but all alone in the corner. Nothing unusual.

The End

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