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I grinned as I breathed in the fresh night air, large pearl white fangs framing my grin. I had become something, it transcended humanity and death. Vampire. Not your silly fairy tale creatures, no, I was an animal of the night. A monster that desired the blood of every human and cared little whether they lived or died. My gaze shifted to the large white orb hovering in the sky, it was a full moon tonight.

The silver light poured from the sky and comforted me as I strolled the grounds of the school. My thoughts fell back to my new life. I hadn't always been a vampire, I was once human. My brow furrowed angrily at the thought. I couldn't remember anything of my past life but flashes of pain. Hazel had left me to speak with the Head Mistress, I was excused to think of all that had transpired.

"Garret!" a voice called breaking through my heavy thoughts. I stopped and looked over my shoulder. A tall female vampress with long flowing brown hair approached. "You must be our newest child of the night. Hazel chose well. Welcome young brother, I am Ms. Delya. I am one of the professors here."

She gave a light bow, I reciprocated. Her eyes focused on my shirt, it was still stained with blood from my turning only 5 hours ago. I looked down and felt my mouth instantly begin to water, the sharp metallic scent burning in my nostrils and sending a wave of hunger into my gut. I trembled, shutting my eyes from the sight.

"You're hungry," Professor Delya said, half chuckling. I groaned and collapsed to my knees, the burning within me growing every second. I weakly nodded my head as I clamped my eyes shut. She set a cold hand on my shoulder. "It's the bloodlust, child. Come I'll allow you entrance to the stables for a feed, but only this once. You probably haven't drank since Hazel turned you." She helped me to my feet, I opened my eyes as she lead me to a large door with an imposing vampire standing guard. She gave him a quick nod and the door swung open.

The sweet scent hit my nose, my tongue ran across my fangs, anticipating blood. Unconscious humans lay tied up by the wrists, as I neared a young girl a noise drummed in my ears. Thump, thump, thump, thump. My eyes locked onto her neck seeing the vein beneath the skin pulsing with blood. 

I knelt and pushed her head to the side. Instinct instantly took over as I drove my fangs into her neck and began draining her body at a lightning pace. The taste was pure ecstasy, I kept drinking the warm liquid sliding down my throat. Just as I began to enjoy myself, the girls veins ran dry. I released her and felt the burning subside, barely. A delicious breath left me as I licked my lips of blood. I turned to another one but was stopped by a heavy hand. I spun around hissing.

"Garret!" The voice growled authoritatively. I kept my fangs bared as I calmed from the excitement of my first feeding. My eyes focused and I took a deep breath, closing my mouth. The professor gave me a calm smile. "So ravenous for such a newly turned. We'll have to teach you how to control that. Now come with me, you need to clean up and don some better clothing." I still shivered as we left the stable, electricity running up and down my spin in jolts.  

When we reached my room, the professor bid me well and left. I shut my door and removed all my clothing except for my boxers. I gasped when I caught a reflection of myself in the mirror. I stood about 5' 10". Pale but handsome. I had short, spiked black hair. I was very thin but had a fit and toned figure, my irises were now a deep crimson red. My skin was flawless matching a pair of fangs. A twisted smile curled upon my lips, not only was I a vampire but I had truly changed.

Shaking my head I turned to a clothes drawer, which was fully stock. I decided to pull on a black tee-shirt and a black, zip up, Chiodos hoodie over that. The words on the front of the hoodie matched my life well. "I'll stop stabbing when you stop screaming". I then pulled on a pair of grey jeans and shoes. 

A knock sounded at the door, though I could hear their footsteps from many feet away. My senses had been enhanced and even sharpened. 

"Garret," the familiar voice said. I opened the door and was met by a short young vampire. 

"Hello Hazel," I said, my voice more predatory than I wanted. Her light blue eyes looked me up and down. 

"You look a lot better than when you here human." She chuckled. "Come on, I'll show you around." I stepped from my room, shut the door, and walked beside her. I was really enjoying my new life and I had only been a vampire for a couple hours. 

The End

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