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Centuries ago, there were 6 'original' Vampires. They were the first of their kind, but no one knows how they came to be. There were 4 girls and 2 guys each having a mark on their arm distinguishing them. Soon, 6 became thousands. Eventually, they began developing powers. Abilities to see things that the normal human eye cannot. Those Vampires were called Seekers. Others live to fight and help destroy these evil things the Seekers saw, Protectors. Eventually, 6 schools were created to help train

I stared at the red blood that was stained on my hand. I desired to lick it off, but my partner held me back. I was still young. Not knowing what to do. I had gotten used to this blood lust I had recently developed. I could only have some if I was rewarded. It sounds like I'm a savage, but I'm just relying on the same instinct that everyone else was relying on.

I was a Protector. It ran through my blood as my mother and father were both protectors. I dedicated my life to protecting people from these fowl beasts, but that was in the near future. All I could do now was train.

"Hazel," he called. "We're done here. Your training here is done."

I got up from the floor and wiped my mouth and got back into the car. Being only 15, I could barley drive, let alone do missions on my own. My assesment was to pair  up with another Protector and kill off these cerial killers based on mere information given.

"Garret?" I said in a whiny voice. "I'm super thursty. Could we stop to get one of those?" I pointed at this one guy that was prety cute looking.

"No," was all he said.

"You're never talking to me! All I get is a 'yes' or a 'no'. Humph!" I said staring back out the window.

"Wern't you just talking about being thirsty? Where did my reactions come into your mind?" he said as he smiled.

"It came in when you wouldn't--" I was cut off by our driver.

"Will you two keep it down? I can barley stand that damned Professor that gives us these lame missions, let alone stupid Stifes whining!" Crystal called from the drivers seat.

Me and Garret were Strifes. Those are the 15 year olds that have been at school for 5 years. It's been a pain, but I've managed. Having great friends like Garret got me through all the harsh training.

We arrived at school 15 minutes later. Our school was a sight to behold. In the human world, it was like a college campus, but larger. there were about a thousand Vampires living in one area. Boys and Girls were seperated and Professors were on 24/7 guard duty. It might sound like a pain, but it wasn't all that bad.

We walked into the building being greeted by everyone and were wasked so many questions, but we just smiled and walked to the Head Mistress's room to report everything.

This is the typical life I live. For a Vampire that is. A Vampire in high school.

The End

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