People die every day in result of what they believe in.  Asking, no, believing, that it isn’t worth it would only uncover the heartless lens in which you view the world.  While dying for something is honorable no matter what the cause is, is everything that is died for worth it? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  Value of something is measured by the heart who owns it.  Treasure is where the heart is. 

Forfeiting one’s life for Allah may not be worth it to some people, but when Muslim ways are all you’ve been taught, the worth overwhelms your mind and heart.  If raised a true patriot, dying in one of the World Wars or Iraq would have worth beyond what words can express.   In the end, one who has different beliefs than the individual who has died for something may say that that belief was not worth it, but then, they were not the one who believed it, where they? 

To me, dying for Christ is worth it.  Dying for peace, instead of engaging in mass bloodshed merely to keep my own blood, is worth it.   Perishing for one’s family is worth it—church family or biological family.   Losing your life for your religious freedom is worth it.  For me, a lot of things are worth dying for, while nothing is worth killing for. 

But then again, that is what I find beauty in, what I think is valuable, where my treasure is—you have the freedom to think those beliefs are not worth it at all.  Find what you feel is worth dying for, what you think is worth dying for, better yet, find what you know is worth dying for.  Once we find what we know is worth dying for, not just what we think or feel is, maybe we won’t be as different as we think we are.  Go find what you know is worth it, now.

The End

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