Valentine's Day, Part 4

I sit in a corner,
Watching all the joyous smiles,
The exchange of flowers,
The overflowing love;
There is no love to be spared for me tonight.

Me- with my pimply forehead,
My geekiness, my love for books,
My unpopularity,
I shall just sit and watch it all with a wistful smile.

Perhaps next year, on this day,
That boy I adore will finally gift me a bouquet.
Next year, we will be among you, celebrating our love for each other.
Till then, I am happy for all of you, for you have already found the ones you love.

Happy Valentine's Day to those who have loved;
A happier one to those who have loved and lost
The happiest one to those who have never loved at all.

The End

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