Valentine's Day Part 3

I’m in class, a rose across my desk
from a boy who has no chance,
and I’m flattered, but feel bad.

The computer screen writes my love
in pixelated closed captioning
and the boy watches as I cry-

My heart is a thousand miles away
and it scares me because this poor boy
is scared too.

I dry my eyes, and smile,
brilliant and wide,
accepting the flower of his hopes,

and the chocolates of his wanted future,
he turns away, and my smile droops,
waiting for the man a thousand miles away.

The flower smells like a promise I can’t keep,
and the chocolates spell my name,
so I eat one, but it’s bitter and I throw it away.

The boy doesn’t see, and it’s just as well.
My eyes leak out their thoughts
and the tears fall to the keyboard typing:

Happy Valentine’s Day to the one’s full of hope,
and the one’s waiting for love,
Happy Chocolate Day to the ones who have given up.

The End

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