The DetectiveMature

"Good evening."

Forrest glanced up and shot to his feet. He smoothed his tie and hair as he came over, and I looked over to give him a chance to do it without feeling embarrassed. 

"Ms. Anderson... I didn't realise you'd be here so soon."

"I like to be prompt Detective."

"Right. You're very busy."

"Exactly." He was studying me, as if he wanted to ask me a question but wasn't sure how it would be received. "You asked me here for a reason?" I prompted. 

"Right. Would you like a drink?" I stared at him. "I don't mean like... we have coffee... or water?"

"I'm fine thank you." 

"Right. Do you want to sit down?"


We settled down at his desk and he smiled at me. 

"Thank you for coming on such short notice."

"Well I do like to know what is going on with my production." 

"Right. So, I have to inform you that my officers and I will be a constant presence for the next couple of days. We have to interview everyone about both cases, although the arson was pretty thoroughly explored in terms of interviews."

"Well you're welcome on set as long as you don't hold up production any more. I don't need any more hold ups."

"I understand. We'll work around everyone's schedules as much as possible."

"I'll  ask Kate... I'll ask someone to get you a schedule."

"Alright. Thank you." He studied me for a moment and I was reminded about what Alex had said. He did like me. I raised an eyebrow, and he continued. "The other thing I have to tell you is that the tests came back inconclusive, from the lab. We haven't been able to find any evidence of the arsonist."

"Nothing? You have nothing?" I frowned, trying not to glare. Some use the police were-

"Not necessarily. We have a time frame, the lot has extensive security and we are combing through it. Unfortunately no cameras were trained on Mr. Schaffer's trailer, but there could still be clues in the surrounding cameras. What we know for sure is, given the colour of the smoke and traces found, that the arsonist used turpentine to help start the fire. Not enough for the trailer to go up too fast. They definitely gave themselves enough time to get out. Mr Shaffer too, if he had been aware of his surroundings."

"Does that mean they didn't mean to harm him?"

"Not necessarily, but it's a possibility. They could have been using it as a warning, or a message. But turpentine is harder to ignite than gasoline. If someone wanted a quick, easy fire, there were simpler ways to do it. It seems like they tried to make it look like an electrical fire too; started it near a socket with a lot of papers; might have been a script. But they made it pretty obvious by the shape the markings left, around Mr. Schaffer. They'd controlled the flame, in a way."

"Honestly Detective, I didn't understand half of that, but I hope it gets you closer to solving this.... you don't think that the two crimes are linked do you?"

"Highly unlikely at this point. They're vastly different methods. Nothing points to the same perp."

"So we have two psychopaths on our hands. Excellent." I sighed. He looked at me with something like sympathy. 

"I promised you I would do my best to solve this. I will. And I will do my best not to interfere with your cast or crew. Some of them may have home visits. Given the recent revelation about Ms. Misra and Ms. Kensington, we will have to search Ms. Misra's home."

"She won't have been back since-"

"Yes. We will be respectful of her home. I promise." 

"Thank you Detective. Is that all?"

"For the moment." He replied. I stood and he followed, looking almost disappointed. 

"I have to go. Got to sleep at some point." I tried to smile but it stuck. "Thank you for keeping me in the loop. I appreciate it."

"You are very welcome Ms. Anderson."

I shook his hand, and released him. 

"I'll send over a schedule as soon as you arrive on the lot tomorrow. Until then." 

"Yes, until then." He showed me out, and I headed to my car, ready for home. 

As I drove home, I saw throngs of people heading out, dressed up to the nines. They were laughing and having a good time. Perhaps I would go to Aaliyah's party after all. 

It might be fun. 

The End

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