It's the Little Things that Show you're CheapMature

Oh. Em. Gee. I had to try so hard just to get that trailer for him last week. Sigh. I try to make him a star and this happens. Such a shame.” I can't say I'm not jealous of him for all the attention he's getting; attention that should be on my new lipstick colour. I switched to Vampire Red Lethal Lipstick!

Aaliyah, stay focused on the situation at hand. Aaron could be dead and his trailer is ruined. I remember last week having to go straight to the top to get him that trailer and at first they like wanted to give him a tiny one and I was like 'no way' and they said 'fine then we'll just give him yours'. Well didn't I just lose it then.

Aaliyah, focus. Omigawd what am I going to do about Aaron. Ooh I should send flowers to the hospital. That will show people how generous I really am. Oh I should say that out loud! “Guys, I think we should send flowers.”

And a card.” Helena chirped in.

Jack continued the conversation with a comment on what a great idea that is.

Yes,” I start, “but the flowers are definitely more important than the card. Oh and there should be one of those cute balloons that say 'Get Well Soon' on it. The expensive things are what will show him we really care.”

No!” Helena interjects. How typical of her to try to steal the spotlight from me. First Aaron now her. Jeez this is just not my day. “I mean-- it's the simple things that count.” What a pathetic thing to say. As far as I'm concerned that's just something people say who can't afford their rent.

I scowl at Helena. “Kamala!” I see Kammy tiptoeing behind us wearing nothing but-- a towel!

Oh! Hi there.” Her cheeks turn crimson and in an attempt to look smooth she drops her towel a bit revealing her well-blossomed bosom. Wow she's beautiful. Not as beautiful as me of course, but her caramel skin could very well attract someone, if they're into that that is. Speaking of men, I need one. It's been nearly two months since I've had a date and I mean who wouldn't want to date all this.

Focus Aaliyah.

"Yeah, so wondering, what do you think would make a better gift to Aaron. A card or flowers and a balloon."

"Oh well I-uh-I think whatever you send he'll love. Got to go." With that she ran away.

Would you look at that, even Kam is running off to cry about over poor little Aar-on Scha-ffer.

“Who do you think could have done this?” Oh Helena, you simply always have to be the one to stop an argument don't you?

“Maybe it was some crazy fan? I mean I can't possibly believe that any one of us could've done such a thing.”

I want to shout to the world. I want to say 'Great Jack! Just great! Now Aaron has a crazy fanbase and I don't. I need that!' But instead I settle with a simple “I don't know, it could be anyone.” My tone was grave, but steady and earned itself a few head nods from the others. “Well I'm going to go buy that stuff and a few other things. T-T-Y-L!” I stretch out the 'L' for a few extra seconds and raise the pitch on it.

After terrible traffic, I'm finally here at Bloomingdale's, it's kind of an upperclass Wal-Mart. I scavenge the aisles. Well they don't have cards, but I'm sure a gift card works too. $50 will show him we care. They don't have balloons either, but candy is fun too. So Godiva 19 Piece Gold Ballotin-- Ballotin sounds kind of like balloon, right? Finally flowers... well I can get those at a florist.

I arrive back on set with the goods and Jack and Helena stare me down. “What is that?” Of course Helena has to be the one to question my decisions. As always.

“Chocolates, a gift card, and tulip gentian- some of the most expensive things I could buy!”

Jack intrudes into the conversation “We asked for a card, balloon, and simple flowers! Things that show we care.”

“What better way to show you care than spending money? Besides I got what you asked for, just upgraded.” I smile and wink at them. The two of them roll their eyes in sync and hurry on their merry way.

The End

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