The Whole Show is Practically Just About Me AnywayMature

Oh what a fine life the theatre world provides me with. The glamour, the attention, the everlasting, ever growing attention. And to whom? Well to me of course! I am a star, just as I was born to be! The world just loves to scream my name: Miss Aaliyah Greene. Such wonderful euphony.

Thoughts of grandeur pour through my mind as I watch the final version of episode one of my new show Utopia Dystopia.  I could not possibly be a better actress, and oh I simply adore my hair in this scene, but oh-- what's this--? "Helena!" 

She scowls are the shrewd tone of my disapproving voice. "What. Do. You. Want?" She enunciates each word with an inflection at the end, as if she was asking four questions in one.

In turn, I speak my words as individuals sentences as well, but with far more anger and far less annoyance. "My. Outfit. It's. All. Wrong."

"What do you mean it's all wrong?" I remember my outfit the day I auditioned and how much better it suited my character.

"I have entered your lives just got better. Prepared to be astounded by the wondrous works of... me! In case you live under the sea and don't already know who I am, I am Aaliyah Greene and I will be auditioning for, well who else, the leading female, Melanie Walsh. As you can see, I'm dressed for the part, sporting a cream coloured overcoat, a stylish short black dress, a brown bag for all my detective-y stuff, and a black and brown hat to tie it all together. After all, in a utopian society, everyone would have to at least try to come close to being as beautiful as I am."

Ah, those were the days. "Well you see, in the heinous lighting we chose, the outfit dulls out the purple in my eyes. Can't have that now can we?"

"Miss Greene, we are here today to witness a showing of all of our work. If you do not like the part of the work that is not yours then I'll ask you to leave. This is a strict warning." What a buzz kill this Helena chick is!

I stare in awe as my scene continues.

"Please do come in, Melanie." The Overseer had a certain way of saying my name that always did make my cringe. "Before you begin your report, I suggest you sit down. We have some disquieting news to share."


"There has been a death amongst us. An appalling death that landed the man swimming in blood. A loathsome scene for us all. It has been pointing out to me, that this did not look accidental. We suspect that perhaps someone from the Underground had escaped. Have you noticed anyone missing?" 

"No. There's no daily count, but everything seems to be going as per usual. However, there has been an outbreak of norwalk virus amongst the citizens. I think we should introduce vaccines to the Underground. It may be a place for the outcasts and unwanted of our town, but they deserve health."

"I'll take that under consideration." I doubt he will.

I look at his through the crudded eyes that are the creation of the horrors underneath this so-called utopia. "I'll take you by your word. The first step to solving your little mystery that I'm sure bears no comparison to what happens frequently in the Underground, would be to gather up some help. ' any of you like to volunteer?" I peer not at them, but through them, as I know they don't have the 'nads to step up. Virgil, who has kept awfully quiet this whole time pushes Rand forward as if to say he's been volun-told. 

"Alright. You." I point at Rand. "you're my partner from here forth. "' you squeamish?" With great hesitation he shakes his head. "Alright then , let's go.

The scene cuts to the Overseer, Rand, and I walking into Warehouse 4. I stare down at the corpse, preserved in the exact position it died in. "Wendell. I can confirm for you that this was no accident. Suicide, or dare I say it... murder."

The screen fades to black and I jump from my seat. "I was incredible! Did you see me?" I could not be more excited than I am right now. Paparazzi, here I come.

The End

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