Greg; Waking Ghosts

My mobile was going off. What time was it? I shot a glance at the red display on my alarm clock... 3:24AM argh. I picked up my phone. Unknown number.


"Hey Greg!"

"Wha - who is this?"

"It's Ben. I want you to go to Sheffield." Then the line went dead.

He's playing pranks again... I wish this would stop. It has to stop. Why does he want me to go there?

I'll figure it out in the morning.


I mulled over the phone call with a cup of coffee, white with three sugars because I felt reckless. Sheffield. Why? What was so important there? Maybe I could get rid of the ghosts in Sheffield?

I quickly checked the trains online... Woah, £85.80. I suppose it's worth it if I get rid of the ghosts. I can find a hotel there when I get up there. So from Brighton to East Croydon, East Croydon to London St Pancras then London St Pancras to Sheffield. I'd get the 8:19 and arrive at 12:04... hopefully. I haven't got any more work for a few weeks - maybe this could work?

I packed a quick suitcase and left. I wish ghosts could magically get me where they wanted me to go... it would be so much easier.

The End

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