Damon Chaos

"I don't want one!" I snap as the sales woman pushes the samples closer to my face. She stares and me and then glares turning to talk to another customer. I stalk away to the stationary and grab three folders. "I hate having to come here to buy these" I say.

My accent is thick showing my scotish heiratage but its not like I'm different from anyone else. I head off to pay when. Bing bing. I turn and sitting there right in front of me is my dead cat. "Huh?"

I stare down at it and it tilts its head. I watch as it turns and runs off. I run after it but after turning a corner its gone and I'm standing in front of a poster showing the town of Sheffield. I shake my head. I must be loosing it, I tell myself. I then pay for my folders and leave. The fact I thought I saw my cat keeps bugging me.

I take the bus home and head up to my top story flat. I put my keys in the bowl by the door and slump onto my couch. I fall into an dreamless sleep.

Later I wake but only by the same bell noise as earlier. I groan and open my eyes to see, yes, my dead cat. Its lying on my laptop looking at me with its head tilted. It meows and paws the laptop. I blink and its gone.

Am I having hallucinations or something? 

The End

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