Unwillingly Departed

Do you believe in ghosts?
These people don't have a choice in the matter. They see them.
But why?


"Miriam, really. Do you need this light on?" Without waiting for an answer, Mum turned off my bedroom light and walked off, shutting the door behind her. I had only the glow from my laptop to see by, which made everything just slightly creepier. 

I immediately got up to turn it back on. As usual, I was stopped in my tracks by the girl. She stood in front of my wardrobe with her thumb stuck in her mouth, staring up at me as if she was just as scared as I was. She was slightly short for her age, even though she was only about three. She wore bright pink tights under a tatty, knee-length purple skirt. Her T-shirt was blue, and underneath it she had one with long sleeves, which was white. Her hair hung in a dull blonde sheet around her dirty face.

I closed my eyes and felt for the light switch.

"Stephanie, wait!"

I clicked the light back on as fast as I could. I hated that memory. It reminded me that this little girl constantly appearing was all my fault. Yes, she should have  waited. Yes, she should have listened to me. But the fact was that I should have been watching what she was doing, but I was too busy on my stupid mobile to notice when she started to run across the road without me. It was only because I looked up for a brief second that I saw what happened. 

On the rare occasion that I think about it, I can still hear it all. The screech of tyres, the yelling, the small scream of an innocent child. My little cousin, Stephanie.

"Go away," I whispered towards the space that was now empty except for a pile of my clothes that I couldn't be bothered to hang up. Of coarse, I got no reaction. I never did. But I had run out of ideas to get rid of her. 

The End

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