Unwanted Attention

“Sir Laurence was best known for his chivalrous nature,” Selena recited from her book as she stood in front of her class.

“Miss, what does chivalrous mean?”

Selena sighed softly as she lowered her glasses and looked at the young boy on the front row of the classroom.

“To be courteous and gallant,” she replied.

She felt frustrated at his deeper confusion.

“To be polite.”

Finally, he seemed to understand and she lifted her book again.

“He was, however, extremely combative…”

“What does combative mean?”



“He was known as the brave knight who fought agonizing battles…”

“What does agonizing mean?”

“In agony.”


“In pain.”


“Oh my God, Jason, you don’t know anything,” one of the girls cackled.

“Oh, he knows stuff,” another girl sneered “He just is attracting attention because he has a crush on Miss Kelly!”

“That’s enough, Miss Fishburne,” Selena said sternly before raising her book again “His many servants both feared and loved him…”

“What are servants?”

“Don’t push it, Mr Lockhart,” Selena said as she snapped her book shut.

“Aw, but, miss!”

“You have dirt covering your shirt, you are disrupting the lesson and I do not appreciate your ignorance.”

“He’s just like that when he’s like bored to death,” one of the girls grinned.

Selena set her book down and pushed it away from her.  She glanced at the clock.

“I have a meeting that is about to start in ten minutes, it’s Friday afternoon and I am in a surprisingly good mood,” she announced “I’ll let you go to lunch early.”

The pupils began packing their things as Selena moved to the back of her desk and began preparing her things for her meeting.  She looked up after a few minutes, expecting a deserted classroom and paused when she saw Jason looking at her from his place at his desk.

“Mr Lockhart, you’re dismissed,” she said slowly.

“What does dismissed mean?”

“Just get out and get some lunch,” Selena sighed as she began walking out of the classroom.

“Do you want to come with?” Jason asked eagerly as he followed her.

“I have a meeting in seven minutes, I don’t have time for lunch,” Selena said with a frustrated sigh.

“Then maybe afterwards?”


“Aw, why not?”

Selena turned on her heel sharply and looked down at her disruptive pupil.

“Because by the time my meeting is over, lunch will be over,” she said “Now please, go and get your lunch and play football with your friends or something.”

“Can I see you after school?” Jason asked as he followed her down the stairs.

“About what?”

“You know, just to hang.”

“No, I need to get straight home to let my dog out.”

“But it’s Friday, you should go out and get drinks at the pub!”

“Mr Lockhart, I don’t have time for this,” Selena said as she stopped outside the staff room “I hope you enjoy your weekend.”

She stepped into the staff room and shut the door firmly.

The End

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