Self Explanatory

Written December 6, 2012

From the moment I first realized I was in love with you, I knew it was a mistake,

One that despite the strength I thought I had, was not enough to make me leave.

I fear my foolishness will result in the untimely demise of yet another fragment of my heart.

A fragment I'm sure to never get back and will make me even more bitter than the last I gave willingly.

Still, each day I await your text or to see your face like it is the last time I will ever see it.

There is no doubt in my mind that I am in love with you. 

You are the reason I wake with a smile, the reason for my laughter and positive outlook on even the most depressing of situations.

I try and hold onto the strength I do have so that I'm not such a downer all the time in your eyes.

So hard it is sometimes though to put on a smile so that you don't see just how much I hurt.

I want to be with you all the time and yet I cannot. 

Factors we were both well aware of before hand play the major role in why we cannot be together. 

This pains me beyond belief and yet I still cannot walk away. 

The End

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