Mesi | Derric

From down a long hallway, connected from another building, a little boy came running down yelling "Dinner!" He ran up and down every hallway in the house. The kids dropped everything they had in their hands. The older ones picking up the infants and tots off the floor and walking down and reminding most of the kids of dinner. Surprisingly, adults came out from rooms that kids weren't in. Slowly, a line formed in the hallway the boy came from.

I saw Frederick and Anne looking around in confussion from the mass of people. I slipped passed cousins, aunties, and uncles to reach them. I looked up ahead to see how far we were from the tables of food, about four room doors away.

So that's about a ten fiffteen minute wait to get the plates for our food, th- I thought until I felt tug on my shirt. I looked to my left side and saw Anne show me a notepad. I looked down.

What's happening? With a frightened look in her eyes.

I readed. I smiled and said, "It's dinner time, and it's gonna be very different from what you've heard about ."

Frederick looked as though he was starving. I've never seen him look so hungry before.

"Hey looky here, we have a prince," I heard, I just got a whip-lash from spinning my head too fast in shook. I knew who made that comment. ", and ahh, we have a cornnet. The most beautiful cornnet I've ever seen." Okay I couldn't disagree with on that comment to Anne, but the one with Frederick.

A man, taller then Frederick, stood behind use, we all turned around. He knelt down on one knee and held out his hand in honor to have a kiss on her hand. He didn't look up at her, just staring at his palms, awaiting. Anne looked at me in shock.

"Hold your hand out." I whispered. I sure hope Derric didn't scare her too much-heck I wasn't even expecting him to do this. Isn't like him to kneel down to greet someone.

The End

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