Mesi | Chaotic

A song started playing from my bag. I took out my phone and answered it. "Pick me up right now Aunty. I'll tell you everything that's importent at my place." and then hung up. Moments of silence stood in the air until a  rusty old brown car came around the corner. Both Frederick and Annie looked surprised. "Just get in the car and buckel up. Okay Annie and Frederick." I said.

The car pulled up and I opened the door for the both of them and motioned them to go in. Took a while for Annie to get in, but she got in when the lady in the driver seat gave her a sweet warming smile. Can't complain about aunty Nallely. Ten kids and still welcoming more into her life. Her name means 'I love you' in our culture.

It was a very quiet ride to my place and a very long drive, since I realised I was an hour away from home, by foot. Lucky aunty lives nearby. I love how she knows where everyone is when she hadn't seen them for awhile. Aunty said something and it wasn't in English. I just replied back with "Talk later" with the little words I know in  our language. Frederick was gonna ask something, but didn't. Even aunty saw that.

The gates to my place opened up and then the gate closed. I thought I asked dad to oil that. We drove up to the parking lot and got out. I didn't noticed the cars, trucks and even the bus in the parking lot of my place. You'd think that my place wasn't as place, you'd probably think it was a hotel suite. Aunty Nallely held Annie's hand all the up to the door. I opened the doors and walked into the place and forgot that dad was trying out his new invention. A green light turned on at the side wall of the door. "Scatter!" I screamed and ran into a nearby room. Aunty took Annie with her to the oppisite room and Frederick stood standing in front of the door looking confused. After he heared stomps from everywhere, above him, under him and right in front of him at the stairs. A whole bunch of kids of all ages and dogs of all breeds came running at him. Wided-eyed and terrified, he ran as fast he could without hesitating down the hallway off to the side. Some kids and dogs ran off to him, the others splited up and went through the ways we could've and have taking to run for it.

The End

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