Frederick: Emotion

With her dirty hair wildly blowing about in the manic storm, this powerful girl stood over me waiting to unleash her powers. She claps her hands together in an explosion of dark purples and shocking yellows. The noise rung through my ears, burrowing in an attempt to deafen me.

I open my tearful eyes and the girl is gone. All that is left is drizzle and a feeling growing in my stomach. It feels like when I get a present but I appreciate this feeling more. This magic emotion overcomes my anger about dirtying my waistcoat

"Are you okay!" I turn my head slowly, usually I would be startled and furious that someone dares to approach me but I am not myself.

"Its you" I sigh as I feel a smile crawl along my face. The two girls obviously seem to be confused at this but I don't care. I am reborn. "I missed you!"

I jump to my feet and embrace the better-dressed girl in a warm and powerful hug. Even though I could not see it, I knew her face was a mix of emotions.

Just like mine

The End

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