I shrug my shoulders at this new girl, too nervous to speak again. Nobody ever likes it when I speak, so I stick to being completely silent. 

This girl is just a bit taller than me, and looks my age. She also looks super rich, like the spoilt boy. But she seems nice. 

"I see" she smiles. "Well that's OK. What's your name?"

"Annie" I mouth. 

"Annie? That's a nice name. You look... goodness, you look terrible! What happened!?" she exclaims.

I swallow and try to speak again, but thunder crashes above us and instead I just cover my eyes.

"You're scared?" the nice girl asks. I nod, glad that someone finally understands me. "I can imagine... why don't I take you to my house and see if my mum can find you some clean clothes?"

I shake my head. I can't go to her house. They'll never accept me. 

I freeze as I notice something. The limo. It's gone. So is Edgar. So is that girl. That girl who was controlling the storm.

The spoilt boy isn't gone. He's sat on the ground, utterly shocked. 

"I've got to go see if he's OK" the nice girl tells me. "I'm Mesi, by the way"

I smile and hope we can be friends.

The End

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