Mesi Amadahy

Mom told me, I'm Mesi Amadahy. I checked up on what they mean. Mesi means 'wonderful' in Egyptian. Amadahy means 'forest water' in Native American.

As the rain falls down on the streets. I see people running to sheltered areas, as for me, I spin and run through puddles on the streets. My hair dripping, make-up running, clothes soaked through and smiling the whole time. I don't care that my shoes or bag are going to get ruined. The rain is my paradise, my bee-ee-a-you-tea-full day.

Jumping into the puddles, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I looked up and realised that the rainy day turned into a angry day. I see the thunder and lighten make the nastiest cloud in an area up ahead, more darker then where I was standing.

Out of curiousity I ran over to the place.

I was at the gates and saw a limo, crashed into the fence. I saw the symbol that is supose to be on the limo, at my feet. It belonged to the Birdlington family. I looked around me to see if I could find the Birdlington that owns this limo, but all I saw was the driver on the ground and little girl behind a tree-Wait! Little girl? I looked at the direction she was looking. I saw Frederick Birdlington standing in front of another girl. I examined her and noticed that the strom was acting the same way she was.

Is that why my rainy day got ruined?

Frederick Birdlington and I are only two years apart. Our families is, what shall we say, "friends" in a way. For my family, we're Native American. My parents agree that Frederick would make a wonderful son in-law, I have to say I like my man to be older. We both grew up in wealthy families, but Frederick grew up to be selfish. I would like to get to know him more, the real him. But no, Frederick won't even let me around him alone.

I walked over to the little girl behind the tree. "What happened here?" I asked her.

The End

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