The girl, that girl. 
It's as if she controls the storm. 

And I can tell you, that storm isn't a very happy one.
The girl's face remains blank as she slowly stands. The spoilt boy looks terrified. The girl walks, seemingly calmly, over to him. 

"If she is a dirty child" she sneers "Then that makes you a vile rat"

"How dare you insult-?" 

"This child has lived six years on the streets because her parents were too much like you to care" the girl's voice isn't blank any more. It's full of anger. "What about if tomorrow you found out that she was your sister? What would you do then?"

"She's not my bloody sister!" the spoilt boy explodes. "I don't even know her name!"

"An-" I start because I don't want lighting to strike down the entire city, but I'm not used to using my voice so I end up in a coughing fit.

"Anne? Her name is Anne? I filthy thing like that has a nice name like Anne?"

"Annie" I cough. "My name is Annie"

The girl just stares at him venomously. 

The End

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