Frederick: Power

The dirty toe rag just stares at me, her feet together and a look of absolute woe across her filthy face.

"I bloody warned you!" I growl marching towards her. She hasn't exactly done anything wrong, I'm just filled with all these raw emotions bursting to get out and there's no harm in venting out my feelings upon her, its not as if she's got feelings.

"Fr-Fr..Uh....." Edgars sad dying voice snaps me out of my rage. His eyes flicker trying to stay alive but his injury is too great. I sling the peasant away from the car and she quickly scurries away from the scene, closer to the other filthy beast. I swear, is everyone in this god forsaken town a filthy peasant.

I place my bloody hand under Edgar's head and dap his bleeding face with my ripped handkerchief. In this close I see the severe cuts from the smashed glass and a long slash along his neck, the deadliest shot. My heart stops the second I feel his has. The only difference is mine started again.

"Edgar. Edgar! Don't die, don't die!" his heart starts again but the beats are irregular. All my rage, all my pain and all my emotions were coming out

"YOU!" I scream with all my might "YOU FILTHY DEMON!" I storm towards the human fortune cookie as the clouds turned black. The closer we got the darker it grew. Rain begins poaring down its heaviest, soaking both me and her.

With one bloody hand, I slap her across the face. The noise was as though someone had cracked a whip. As my hand makes contact with her cheek, the weather takes a turn for the worst. The wind blasts me several meters back as this odd being stands up and walks over. Her cheek is glowing bright red from the mighty smack, but she seems unhurt. The storm seems to move and behave like her, like it is controlled by her 

The End

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