I hear a screeching noise and run from the gate I'm about to go through, just before a limo crashed through it. Nothing happens for a while so a quietly go over to look.

Oh, it's the boy. Just a little older then me, but annoys me like hell. He doesn't even talk to me, in fact, I doubt he even sees me. But it's just his general spoilt-brat personality that is just... GRRR! I walk over to Edgar, the driver. I only bothered to learn Edgar's name because he was nice to me once. He gave me the sandwiches that the spoilt boy didn't eat because the bread didn't have butter on it. 
But now Edgar's bleeding. A lot. I want to help him but what can I do? I'm just a dirty, horrible, orphan beggar girl. 
Instead, I hide quickly behind the tree nearest to me - which is also nearest to that girl - as the spoilt boy stirs.  I watch as he gets up groggily, moves Edgar slightly away from the car and then seems to be looking for something. And he's muttering to himself the whole time.

And then he does something I'd never thought he'd do in a million years. He approaches that girl. And he speaks to her. He actually speaks to her. 
She narrows her eyes just slightly.

"You must learn to give" she tells him with the tiniest sneer in her voice. I swear she's like a human fortune cookie. One that says things that make sense to people who need it. 

"I am trying to give. I am trying to give help to my dying driver!" he almost yells. She completely ignores him

"Those who are less fortunate" she says "Are happier than those who are most fortunate"

"What has that got to do with me?" the spoilt boy demands. I know that it has nothing to do with him, but it has a lot to do with me. 

I creep over to Edgar and begin to wipe away the blood from his wounds with my poorly fitting and already completely filthy dress. 

"What do you think you are doing?" the spoilt boy's voice sounds irritated. "It's hardly likely you're going to help, you dirty child"

I open my mouth to speak, but then shut it again. I haven't spoken in over a month. I will probably be shocked by my own voice. 

"Oh, speak, child. Speak or I shall make you"

I shake my head and he frowns. Then Edgar's eyelids start to flicker.

The End

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