Frederick Bridlington

"...and then I said that isn't a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel its an Eng-"

A lightning bolt struck down from the heavens. Its target? My limosine. The rain poured down heavily as the windscreen wipers failed to work. Edgar, the driver was turning the steering wheel this way and that, but to no avail. We skidded along the flooded road drawing closer and closer to oncoming traffic.

"Look out Edgar!" I yelled, sheer panic volting through my body. He turned the wheel with all his might and the tyres caught some grip. The oncoming landrover just clipped the back seat...where I was sitting. The crash smashed my window letting in a flurry of rain and wind. The limosine continued to move refusing to stop until it found something deadly enough to crash into. Apparently the park gate was suitable enough. The front half of the car sped through the entrance, while my half yet again met damage and catastrophe. Smashing into the iron fence removed the fine coat of paint and the force tippped the vehicle up.

When I at last opened my eyes, my face was touching wet gravel. Our car was on its side and my face placed against the smashed window. I winced as I got up but my physical pain drained away when I saw Edgar. He looked very badly hurt, possibly even dead. I pushed one of the doors open and it fell of its hinges coated Edgar in fresh rain.

"Must find help" I muttered "Must find help!" I at last stumbled across someone who to had been caught out in the rain. A girl sat on a bench. Maybe she had a mobile phone or something. But...that would require having to actually talk to her. Is it worth it? Yes! Edgar needs to live.

If he died, who else would drive me around everywhere and put up with my compaining?

The End

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