New friends

"Thanks.." Fadinglight mumbled, padding after him. 

"Oh, hi, Lightningstrike!" Daysplash meowed, her tone equally cheery. "How have you enjoyed being a warrior so far?" she asked, her leaf-green eyes bright.

He nodded a "you're welcome", his mouth full of vole fur. "Want to hide our prey for now so we can hunt easier?" He suggested.

Lightningstrike smiled at her, his amber eyes glowing. "It's been fun. Bit of a change, but fun... How about for you?" He meowed.

"Sure" Fadinglight gave a slight nod, her mew muffled by the mouse. 
Daysplash gave a slight shrug. "A little hard to adjust and a little confusing, but I like it!" she meowed brightly.

Setting down the vole, Blazefrost stared at her thoughtfully for a moment, then shook his head and began to dig a shallow hole to place their prey in. 

Lightningstrike nodded in agreement. "Yeah, me too." He said happily. "Want to share a piece of prey or something?" He added after a few seconds. He looked nervous, but hopeful.

Fadinglight set the mouse down, wondering what the stare was about as she let her gaze wander around.

"Sure" Daysplash meowed, smiling. "I don't see why not!"

"Here," he meowed, waving his tail to the hole where his vole was lying in. "I'll cover it back up after you set your mouse in it and then we can keep hunting." He added, looking anywhere but at her. 

Lightningstrike purred quietly to himself. "Great!" He meowed, choosing out a plump squirrel to share with her.

The End

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