Just a multi-character roleplay.

Blazefrost stalked through a patch of high grass, making sure to place his paws carefully and keep his tail low. He swiveled  his ear, listening for the mouse he was tracking to make sure he wouldn’t lose it somehow.

Fadinglight slipped out of camp, set determined on going to her secret spot in the territory.

Just as Blazefrost was about to pounce, a stick nearby snapped. Panicked, the mouse darted away, into a hole. With a look of dismay, Blazefrost turned to see who was walking out of camp.

Fadinglight saw what happened. Her eyes widened in regret. "I'm so sorry! I didn't realize...I'm sorry!!" she meowed quietly, bowing her head in remorse, her tail drooping. 'Barely a warrior, and I'm already messing everything up for everycat..' she thought.

Blazefrost smiled. "Don't worry about it." He meowed. "Want to hunt with me since you're out and about? Or do you have something else planned?" He asked, curiously watching her.

"I-i...I guess so…I mean, sure, if I wouldn't be a nuisance..." Fadinglight stumbled over her words. She'd always been so unsure, ever since she was a kit in the nursery. It was never helpable, and she was ashamed to admit it.

"Alright. Come on, then." He meowed, waving his tail and trotting away. Swerving around a thorn bush, he glanced over his shoulder to make sure that Fadinglight was keeping up and not having any troubles. After seeing that she was fine, he opened his mouth and tasted the air for prey.

Fadinglight slunk after him, her pale blue eyes wide as she also scented the air, her ears swiveling as she listened. 

Meanwhile, her littermate, Daysplash, was wandering around camp, excited to finally be a warrior but lost as to what to do.

Scenting a vole, Blazefrost slunk away, making sure to keep downwind from it. With a few moments pause, he pounced and bite into its neck, feeling pride as it went limp under his paws. 

In camp, Blazefrost's best friend, Lightningstrike, sat at the fresh kill pile. He had only been a warrior for a few days, and he was still trying to get used to it. Licking his large, golden paw, he brought it over his ear to wash himself and watched Daysplash wandered around.

Fadinglight, noting a wood mouse, dropped into the hunter's crouch, sliding her paws silently forward as she slowly approached. Thankfully, she was downwind and so perfectly safe as she made her move, catching and killing the prey in a split instant.

 Daysplash sat down with a sigh, frustrated and bored out of her mind.

Blazefrost turned and smiled at her, his vole set down in front of his paws. "Great catch." He meowed, then picked up his catch and began walking again. 

Lightningstrike continued watching her for a few moments, and then spoke. "Hi, Daysplash." He meowed cheerily.

The End

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