Strange words

The girl opens her mouth to speak, but before she can, Christopher comes around the corner, yelling.

"Mom! Mom! They've got Halo 4 in stock!" He says, smiling broadly and seeming thoroughly excited. Then he notices the girl. "Oh, um... Hi." He adds, suddenly trying to look cool and attractive.

I shake my head. He reminds me greatly of my husband. This thought brings a twinge of sadness to my mind, because his father passed away when Chris was still at a young age, due to diabetes. His spirit and looks live on with Christopher, though, and I appreciate God letting me at least have that much. 

"Hi there," the girl says cheerily, smiling sweetly at him. I notice that Chris begins to blush as she says this and I smile knowingly to myself. 

"I'll just leave you two alone, then." I say, picking up a jug of milk and setting it in my cart. Before I can move another centimeter, though, the girl begins to panic.

"Wait! No! I have to explain to you why I'm here!" She says, rushing to my side. "Don't leave! My leader will be upset if I don't accomplish my mission!"

The strange words she speaks makes me stop in my tracks. "Leader? Mission? What do you mean?" I ask, confused. 

"Just come with me. Follow me. I'll explain, I promise. Just don't leave!" She says and hurries away, disappearing around the corner.

The End

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