The King and ItMature

The King knew very well that his one and only Great Warrior had a thing for a unicorn, but being the nice and politically correct King that he was, he refrained from making comments or asking questions.  He didn’t even make a face to betray his shock when the Great Warrior announced his beloved was, as he put it, with child.  



“No, but seriously,” the King would say to his wife that night once they retired to their chambers.  “What.  The.  F…”


“It is none of our business,” she would say.  Basically, that’s the only thing the Queen would say on that subject matter.  


“I should talk to him, you know.  Maybe he’s not well.  Maybe sending him off to war would change his mind a bit.  Isn’t there an evil wizard or a dragon that needs slaying?  What dost thou thinketh?”






On this note, they went to sleep.


Time passed and never would the King bring the situation up to his Great Warrior.  That is, until the day the Great Warrior shows up to the palace, beaming with excitement, to proudly introduce his first born to his King.  The Great Warrior holds his baby boy in his arms and presents him to the King, asking for His blessing.  


The King takes a step forward and bends down a bit and examines the baby up close. 


Cute little thing, thinks the King.  No horn, thank gods. 


Relieved, the King picks up the baby and sits on his throne.  “So, um,” the King hesitates.  “So this is your son, eh.”


“Yes, your Highness.”


“His mom really is …”


“A unicorn, yes, your Majesty.”




On that note, the King blessed the child and sent the Great Warrior home with his child.  The King would spend the day trying to figure out why his greatest warrior would choose to mate with a horse – horn or not.  Were the women of his kingdom so undesirable?  He turned and looked at his Queen sitting on her throne beside him.  She isn’t that bad looking.  Maybe the Great Warrior knows something about unicorns he’s not telling me. 


“I got to get me a unicorn,” the King decided.  And that very afternoon He organized a hunting party.

The End

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