Later that night, after I had gotten Belle's number, I decided to crash for a little bit. I had to go out and have a nice work out after another lecture.

I grabbed my bag and slid on a tank as I walked towards the gym. I crossed across the cafeteria and walked right into Brendon. I smiled as I got ready to tell him about my smooth encounter, but by the looks of it, Brendon wasn't really in the mood for that.

"Hey Bren." I said jogging up to him as my bag banged against my leg at a steady beat.

He tried to conciel his emotions around me, but I just knew him that well. Brendon had always tried to put a smile on so that no one wouldn't see if he was hurt or not. It's just him.

Seeing that Brendon gave up on his smile. "Hey man," he sighed.

"Hey," I asked as Brendon sat down. "What happened? Did you and Meya, like, have a nice time?" I wandered how their 'date' went.

"In a way," he began, "she completely blew me off." he rested his arms on his legs as he stared at the ground.

"Ouch man, that must've sucked, but hey, tell me when we were home. I have to work out right now." I said as he waved me to go.

I thought about how Brendon might have ment by 'she completely blew me off'' and that's when I began to think anout what might go wrong between  Belle and I if I did something wrong.

I began to panic until I got to the gym. By then, I was completely focused on my work. I did bench presses, lifted weights, squats, and everything I could think of. After my nice refreshing work outs I decided to go to the football field.

I dropped off my bag on the bleechers on the side and took out my iPod. I slipped it in my ear as I began listening to music. I ran a couple laps, but then I felt a wry feeling in my heart. I had seen how Belle looked at Brendon. It was a warm passionate look, then there was the look that she gave me. It was different.

I stopped as I climbed the stairs in the stadium, finding that one familiar spot where I had cherished the most. I glanced around me imagining Brendon next to me as I saw Belle to my right. The first time I saw her. At a football game. The first game we went to together.

I sighed as I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialed a number that I knew would cheer me up a bit.

After a couple rings I heard a familiar, "Hello?"

"Hey," I said as my voice was fuzzed. "It's Aiden." I said almost too quietly."

Belle didn't notice that much. It would've been nice if she did though. "Hey Aiden," she said as I could feel her smile radiating from the phone.

"Hey," I said wandering how to start this conversation. "Are you free tomorrow? We could do something. Anything you want." I said thinking that it was too dorky to ask to go to a movie, but after I heard a long pause, a movie sounded better than 'anything she wanted'.

"Yeah sure. When?" she asked.

"Tomorrow night? I'll meet you at your place." I said trying to sound like my cheery old self, but something in me just didn't spark.

"All right," she said. All these short answers. It was like I was taking backward steps from her. Not getting anywhere.

"And I was wandering if you wanted to go to the city with me and a couple of friends sometime?" I said remembering what Jessica had asked me yesterday.

"Maybe," she said. "I'm might be busy, but I'll see."

"All right," I said concluding the somewhat depressing conversation. "I have to go. Good night," I said and abrutedly ended the call.

Was I over reacting to all these details? Or was it just that I was jealous? I didn't know. I walked back to my place and dropped my bag into my room as I decided to shower.

I thought about Belle the whole time. I didn't know how to feel. All the happiness that this afternoon had brought just seemed so far away now.

And this is why I try so hard to stay away from these feelings. I thought.

The End

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