Meya: CafeMature

I was freaking. I mean, did he really see the cafe meet-up as a date? I really hope he didn't and I was going to be sure to hint at the fact we were just friends and it wasn't that. I sighed as I left my Physics lecture, I'd had to stay behind because I got caught answering my phone which also makes me late for the MEET-UP with Brendon. I reached the cafe and saw Brendon, looking around nervously, through the window I took a deep breath and stepped in.

The bell on the door rang as I went in and Brendon looked up giving me one of his adorable smiles. I almost hit myself for that thought. I smile back and go sit down opposite him. "Hi, Brendon"

"Hi" he says still smiling.

"Sorry I'm late" I apologize.

"Its cool, don't sweat it"

I flash him a smile. "Its great though to spend sometime with a friend" I say hinting like I had agreed in my mind to do. The nervous chuckle Brendon gives though makes sudden guilt spread through me.


Taking a deep mental breath I pull out a file from my bag. "Do you mind if I do some work?" I ask trying to be polite but also to calm me for what I'm about to say next. Brendon shakes his head.

"Go for it"

I pull out my pen flipping open the file. "It was crazy today" I tell him calmly. "I swear people think a boy and a girl can't just be friends. People were raving about how this was a date. Which its not, right?" I look up at him to finish.

I watch as Brendon jumps a little before beginning to stutter, "Uh... Yeah... I mean..." He finishes with a nervous chuckle and I feel instant guilt.

"Its not.... right?" I whisper. "I mean you don't like me in that way"

"What? Who told you that?" He stutters. Oh.... Shit... He does, thats bad very bad. I begin packing away my stuff in a flury.

"I... I think I better go" I say before getting out of there before he can reply. This isn't good.

The End

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