Jessica: PlansMature

Bloody touchy bitch. All I did was ask her is she was all right. 

Oh, crap, I thought. You bloody fucking dick head, Jessica. 

She had obviously found out that Meya was going on a date with Brendon, after I'd promised that I'd make sure she wouldn't. 

All right, so Meya was my best friend. I would tell her that Belle knew before she could find out from Belle. 

I rang her as soon as I was out of earshot of anyone.

Ring, ring.

"Hey, Jessica. What's up?"

"Belle knows."

"Oh..." there was silence for a few seconds. "Fuck."

"My sentiments exactly," I said. 

"Um, can you make sure she doesn't find me until after?"

Well, at least she still trusted me with it. "OK... but how am I going to do that? She's in a mood."

"Why? What happened?"

"I asked her if she was all right and she was all 'Why the fuck would you care?'"

"Ah. Well, just organise a trip to town or something," she suggested. "But don't go to that cafe on the corner."

"All right then. Bye."



So I set about looking for people. The first person I came across was Brendon, but obviously he wasn't free so I asked him if he'd seen Aidan and he said he was sure he'd been on his way to the canteen. I loved that guy's accent. Anyway, I found Aidan on his way out of the canteen.

"Aidan," I called. "I'm organising a trip to town. Wanna come?"

"Yeah, all right then," he agreed. "Who else is going?"

"Uh, just me and you so far but you can invite Belle if you want."

That was just what he wanted to hear. "Really? I was under the impression you didn't like her very much."

"I don't, but she already know and I share a room with her so it can't be much worse than that." I said. "Oh, and don't tell her I organised it."

He grinned. "OK then."

I thought for a second and then for some unfathomable reason which I regretted later, I told him to invite that cock of an ex boyfriend Ian. 

I also invited some other people from one of my lectures.

Well, I had no idea how this was going to turn out. I made on-the-spot plans that I would leave the group to buy a music stands and some books from the music shop, and also some rosin for my violin bow. And maybe a musical to watch before we went to bed tonight, if I had enough money left. 

I groaned. I preferred shopping on my own, specifically meaning without a certain bitch and a particular homophobe. 

The End

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