I could not concentrate all throughout the lecture, my mind was focussed on one thing: Brendon. I saw the way he was looking at Jessica but neglected to look at me, he was obviously into her. I knew she didn't return his feelings but it still made me hurt and confused. A guy had never not paid attention to me before...

On the way out from the room I found myself stuck behind two irritatingly slow girls, one from my lecture. She was talking animatedly with her friend and I was just about to tell them to hurry the fuck up when I heard Brendon's name mentioned and I focussed in. I didn't mean to eavesdrop, it was an automatic reaction. 

'He's so hot,' she sighed. 

'You should talk to him!' her friend encouraged. 

'No way, have you seen him and Meya? They blatantly like each other.'

Wait, Meya?!

'No they do not,' her friend laughed. 'Says who?'

'I saw them earlier and managed to catch on to what Brendon was saying. He asked her out on a date and she agreed.'

I didn't want to hear anymore, I pushed past them ignoring their shouts and ran off before I completely lost it. I found myself in the girls bathrooms. 

Meya? How on Earth could he like MEYA?! I thought he liked Jessica!! How could she do this to me? Didn't she know I liked him? That lying backstabbing flirtatious bitch.

'URGH!' I cried out, exasperated. 

The door of one of the cubicles opened behind me and I saw Jessica emerge. Talk about bad timing.

'Belle? You okay?'

'What the fuck do you care?' I spat, storming back out.

I decided to head to the cafeteria. Maybe if I ate something it'd calm me down.

Paying for just an apple and a bottle of water, I chose a seat near the window. It wasn't more than two minutes later that I heard a tentative 'Belle.'

Turning round, I saw it was Aiden. The rays of sunlight shone through the window, directly onto him. It lit up the lighter tones in his hair and made his hazel eyes look almost golden. I never noticed before how attractive he was. It then occurred to me: I didn't need Brendon. I could show him how desired I was, even if he didn't want me. 

'Sorry for bothering you,' he muttered.

I smiled demurely at him. 'It's okay Aiden, I don't mind. I thought about it and yeah, why not?'

Watching his face light up was slightly comical.

'Really?' he grinned, a little too enthusiastically.

'Sure, let me give you my number.'

I pulled a scrap bit of paper and a pen out of my bag, jotted my number down quickly and pressed it into his hand. 

'Call me.'

I left him standing there with a huge grin on his face, trying not to feel too bad about what I had just done.


The End

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