Jessica: Great. Just Great.Mature

During my travels to my singing lesson, outside of school, I almost walked into Meya because I was thinking about crap like maybe if I had told someone, I wouldn't be in a situation where I've just been asked for tips about a date someone else has with the person I like.

Before she could get away, I grabbed her arms and stared into her eyes until she was obviously uncomfortable.

"You're going on a date with Brendon!?" I demanded. "Are you flipping mad?"

She frowned, completely baffled. "Date?"

"Well," I said, putting my hands on my hips and shaking my head. "You're spending one on one quality time with him later at a precise time. Which makes it a date!"

I was thinking: Don't do it! You're scuppering my chances! Oh,and also there's Belle. But what about me?

She was panicking because:

"Wait, I..." her face changed when her own realisation hit. "Does Belle know?"

"No," I shoved a hand through my hair, already stressed out. "Lucky for you. You know how long she's liked Brendon."

She looked a bit worried. "I didn't think it would be classed as a date," she said. "Did he tell you?"

I nodded and then launched into my best impersonation of what he'd just faced me with, then I gave her 'the look' and she bit her nail.

"What the hell should I do!?" She asked, getting all panicky.

"I don't know," how about call it off? "But I'll stop Belle from finding out. I hate her, but I don't want to see you sliced to pieces." Because I'm not as selfish as that bitch. I walked off.

AAAAAARRRRRGGGHH! What the hell should she do? What the bloody hell should I do???!!!  What could I do? 

In my frustration, I literally bumped into Belle. Talk about bad timing.

"Ow," she muttered frowning.

I frowned back at her. 

"That hurt," she emphasised.

"Good for you," I said, dropping my usual attempts at being nice to her.

"Aren't you going to apologise?" she asked patronizingly. 

"You should have been looking where you were going," I told her, then pushed past her.

Ungh, why did this have to happen to me? I ran my hand through my hair again, then on a spur of the moment thing, I grabbed a clump and yanked it. Ouch.

"Pull yourself together," I told myself. "Getting angry doesn't solve anything."

That phrase put Mika's 'Grace Kelly' in my head, so I took my mind off things by singing it quietly to myself. I realised that it was really quite an appropriate song.

The End

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