Meya: Huh?Mature

I was on my way to Physics when I bumped  into Jessica. She grabbed by the arms looked straight into my eyes. I was freaked out and squirmed slightly but after a few good minutes she let go of my arms with a sigh. "You're going on a date with Brendon! Are you flipping mad?"

"Date?" I said confused. Seriously, huh?

"Well, you're spending one on one quality time with him later at a precise time. Which makes it a date!" Jessica said shaking her head back and forth her hands on her hips.

"Wait, I.... Does Belle know?" I say panicking.

"No" Jessica said folding her arms and pushing a hand back through her hair. "Lucky for you. You know how long she's liked Brendon"

"I didn't think it be class as a date. Did he tell you?"

Jessica nodded. "Yes, he was all like. 'Oh, Jessica, I need your help. I have a date with Meya later, well, not a date. We're just going to the cafe on the corner. Do you have any tips? Should I get her a gift or would that be assuming something'" Jessica said, having done a mimick of Brendon's voice. She then shot me the look and I bit the nail of my first finger.

"What the hell should I do?"

"I don't know but I'll stop Belle from finding out. I hate her but I don't want to see you sliced to pieces" Jessica said turning and walking off. I ran in a panic into my Physics lecture. I was to busy panicking about later to listen to the talk of magnetic forces.

The End

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