I chuckled to myself a little as Aiden tried his best to sort of flirt with Belle but it wasn’t really working. I’d known him since I’d moved to England with my pops and I’d been telling him to make a move for the past year or so.  Which is why I’d made sure no one knew that I kind of had a thing for Meya. I’d seen her out running one morning last year and hadn’t been able to get her off my mind since. I’d found out who she was from someone on the running team but I’d never actually spoken to her since I’m not all that good at talking to girls.

It was then that I noticed Meya stood talking to one of the guys she ran with. I think his name was Max. Either way, I didn’t like it. Meya had that look in her eye that so obviously meant she liked him and I was not about to lose out to some dick like him. I watched as she laughed at something he said before hugging him and heading my way. Had she seen me? Fuck, I was so not ready for this. Okay, Brendon, calm down, she probably has a lecture or something. Just chill out.

“Hey!” she called, waving at me cause apparently she’d spotted me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

“Oh, uh, hi” I said nervously. Fuck.

“What you up to, Brendon?”

“Just... uh... Just heading back from soccer... You?” Fuck my life, I wasn’t ready to actually talk to her yet.

“Just been running”

“I thought so... So, do you have any lectures today?” Oh yeah, Brendon, real smooth, talk to her about fucking lectures.

"Um, Biology at two then Physics at four and singing practice at eight, why?" she asked, tilting her head.

I jumped a little, not really expecting her to ask me anything. "Oh, uh, no reason"

"Why, did you want to hang out? I'm free seven til eight"

"Really? Um... Yeah... Sure, I'd love to. Your place or mine? Uh, not that we have to go to either... I'll stop talking now" I sort of rushed out, feeling like the world’s biggest moron.

She laughed. Making a girl laugh is good, right? "That small cafe on the corner?"


"See you at seven then" she smiled and I couldn’t help but grin.

"See ya later"

And with that, I sort of sped off to find Aiden. Wait, no, I’d go find Belle. Or maybe Jessica. They were both friends with Meya, right? Because fuck me, I was so not prepared for this. Fuck off, I know it’s not a date, let me panic in peace.

The End

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