Class and CrushMature

I honestly hated school. It was just gay, but I kept at it because of football. As a member of the football team, it was my job to keep my grades up to a passing grade.

I sat there, bored until I met that girl's eyes. The hottest girl I had ever seen's eyes. She smiled at me and then the bell rang. She sat by me as she put her purse on the ground and her binder on the ground.

"Heya Bell," I said casually as she smiled back.

"Hey Aiden." she replied.

"Okay students--" and that was pretty much all I listened to in a seminar that day because today was special.

My mind was filled with ideas in how to suprise a girl. Belle. My girl. The prettiest girl on campus. That was all I could think of. Nothing more, and tonight? Well, tonight was the night I would finally ask her out. After following her for months and being her friend, I was finally ready to take it up a notch.


That class ended as we laughed and the sound of her laugh was just music to my ear. I gave her constant glances as I walked her to her next class. Finally we said our good-byes as I headed off to football.

I entered the locker room on time (thankfully) and I got dressed. Sweat built on my forehead as we ran our laps and conditioned.

"All right!" Coach Alto screamed. I stood there with my hands behind my back as I listened to the instruction. "I want you to do 20 suicides across the field! Aiden!"

"Yes sir!" I yelled back.

"I want you to divide these people into teams. Do whatever you want, just make sure you and everyone else does them!"

"Yes sir!" I said as coach went to sit on the bench and watch us.

"All right guys," I said as everyone gathered around me. "Brendon?"

"Yeah, man?" he came to me.

"Number off. One, two, one, two!" I yelled as everyone got into their lines.

Brendon had been my best man since high school. We had been on the football team together forever. We always had eachothers back. "I'll be a One. Brendon, you be a Two."

We got into our groups and we began our suicides. It was tough even for me, but I kept going and I kept my team mates going with encouragement.

By the time we were done, school was over. "Hey man," I said jogging up to Brendon. "Nice job today," I complimented him.

"You too," he grinned back. "Hey, you gonna ask 'your' Belle out today?" he said fairly loudly.

"Shh!" I said resting my arm on him actin cool. "Yeah man," I said as I wipped the sweat from my face. "I've got the present and everything. It'll be sweet."

"Well, I hope you brace yourself." he chuckled as he nudged off my arm.

"Why?" I asked.

"Becuase she's coming this way." he smiled as Belle tried to make her way towards us.

"Heya Bell," I called.

"Hi Belle," Brendon said after.

"Hey guys. I see you had a nice work out," she smiled looking us up and down.

She came in and quickly gave me a hug and I savored it, then gave Brendon one too. "Well," I said smiling, "You know. We try," I said sarcastically.

"Haha," she laughed, and I thought about how that smile would soon be mine. Hopefully.

The End

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