Well a shower was certainly out of the question, I did not have enough time. It was my fault for being so lazy though. Glancing at my bedside clock I realized I only had ten minutes until my first class started. Crap.

'Morning,' I muttered to Jessica who was in the process of getting ready. She replied with a simple nod. I got the feeling she didn't like me very much but I didn't care, I didn't have time to waste on people who disliked me. 

'You should get ready,' she told me, her voice oozing with disapproval. 

I scrunched my nose up. 'I can get ready when I want. We've got ages.' This was of course a lie but there was no way I was letting her boss me around.

'Ages being ten minutes unless you want to be late. Bye.' With that she ran out the door, leaving me on my own.

'Well,' I told myself. 'Maybe it's time I got ready.'

I headed into the small bathroom and glanced in the mirror. I always looked like an absolute train wreck in the morning but I took comfort in the fact that everyone did. I pulled a brush through my dark hair, deciding to leave it loose around my shoulders. After I'd quickly brushed my teeth, I headed back into the bedroom where I changed out of my old top and shorts into a denim skirt and a V neck strappy top. I might as well make most of the warm weather!

Quickly slapping on some makeup, I was ready to go. 

However, as soon as I stepped outside I almost turned round and headed back in again. Brendon was stood there. Brendon Ross, the guy I had had a crush on since the beginning of the term. This was a long time for me as I would have normally acted before now but there was something about Brendon that stopped me from doing so. I didn't want to rush into this one, I wanted to make it last.

I quickly checked my reflection in my compact mirror. Satisfied with what I saw, I smiled and headed over. I soon faltered in my steps though as I saw who he was talking with. Jessica. A pang of jealousy shot through me, twisting my stomach into an uncomfortable knot. 

'Thought you said we only had ten minutes till class started?' I called, half seriously. They both turned towards me.

'Belle, yeah um, I was on my way to class but I got talking to Brendon,' Jessica smiled.

Yeah whatever, I'm sure that's what happened you sneaky cow.

'Cool,' I smiled back.

'Well, I'll see you around Jessica,' Brendon murmured, his eyes lingering on hers for just a second too long. 'Bye Belle!' He waved in my direction and jogged off.

'Come on then,' Jessica started to walk off. 

'What was that?' 

'What was what?' she continued walking.

'That,' I persisted, jogging to keep up with her.

'Brendon?' she scoffed. 'Don't be jealous.' 

'I'm not jealous. I know you don't like guys. But still, did you really need to lead him on like that?'

'Lead him on?' she turned to me, incredulous. 

'Yeah,' I frowned. 'He was practically drooling over you. It was sickening.'

'Belle, I don't know how to tell you this, but I am not into Brendon at all. That, my dear, was called friendly chatter. Not everything has to be about flirting you know.' 

'What are you insinuating?'

'Oh absolutely nothing,' she said completely sarcastically.

'Yeah, let's keep it that way.' I warned her. With that, I walked off to class.

The day didn't look so good.


The End

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