Hows ur boy- oh, i forgot. Ur gay.

I clenched my fist around my mobile and punched in an annoyed response. 

F*ck off, homophobe.

Previously, I had considered deleting Ian's number, but then I realised that he would still have mine so there would be no point. 

Ian was my boyfriend, before I discovered that I was homosexual. Ever since then he'd been a complete homophobic idiot. Making every possible comment he could. 

I groaned as I rolled off my bed and fluffed out my hair. I wished he would get over himself.

Looking in the mirror, I saw dark circles under my eyes and a tangle of red hair, contrasting against my pale skin.  I knew there was no time for a shower. If I'd wanted a shower I should have got up when Meya did. I grabbed a hairbrush and began working it through the tangles, and when I'd done that I splashed cold water on my face and brushed my teeth. I borrowed a very small amount of  foundation from room mate number two (house mate number one being Meya), because mine had run out and I hadn't been to get some more. Her skin, like most people's, was darker than mine, so if I used any more I would have looked like a tangerine. 

"Morning," my other room mate said from where she sat on her bed. 

I nodded at her as I grabbed my clothes and stifled a yawn. I never really talked to her because I didn't really like her. I thought she was selfish. When I'd finished getting dressed, I looked over at her. "You should get ready."

"I can get ready when I want. We've got ages."

"Ages being ten minutes unless you want to be late," I swung my bag over my shoulder. "Bye."

My phone buzzed.


I turned the phone off.

"Hey!" I called as I caught sight of Brendon. I didn't really know him that well, but he still grinned, jogging over to me.

The End

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