Uni TroubleMature

Five people at the same age are in a love circle each with different problems.


"Noodles!" I screamed as I jumped out of my bed. My room mates groaned. My two best friends.

"Meeeeyaaaa" They yelled furiously just as I dashed into the bathroom. I changed and was grabbing my bag only minutes later.

"Sorry, got running. Bye guys!" I sang and dashed out of the dorm. We had the room on the top floor which meant five flights of steps to dash down. Luckily Uni was only down the road. I wasn't panting by the time I reached the bottom step. I mean I was a runner which is why the early morning. I ran with the university group.

Apart from running I was taking singing lessons afternoon and was working towards my art, science and extra photography degree all at the same time. Did I have a social life? A very small one.

I mean there was the group but that was all I had for a social life. I don't even know how I would cope out in the real world. I reached the changing rooms just as the running team was about to head out. "Sorry, I'm late coach" I said quickly changing. Coach shook her head.

"Be out in five or you'll be left behind" she instructed. I was ready in three and out on the trek with the rest of the group. I loved an early morning run. It allowed me to think. Especially since that party yesterday was hammering round my head. I wasn't bisexual surely. When that girl flirted with me I had felt something but... I felt something when guys check me out.

"Hey, Meya. Are you okay?"

I looked across at Max another runner and almost blushed. He was gorgeous not. Oh he's the hottest guy ever but that guy you sort of see and want yet know he's out of your league. That was Max.

"I'm okay" I said with a smile and he smiled back before jogging slightly ahead of me. Why, oh, why did this have to be now?

The End

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