Chapter 4

"You little b****!" Delilah hurled the nearest volcano at Amber, not only ruining her hair and clothing, but smashing her glasses in half, and bruising her nose. Amber was grasping at her nose, and groping around for a volcano. She hurled the 'lava' at Delilah, and it landed right in her mouth. She immediately spit it out- onto Amber. "Oh my God..gross." Amber attempted at wiping it off, but the goo stuck to her hand, too. Suddenly the whole class was throwing their volcanoes and lava left and right.

Mr Gordon walked back into the room, and gawked at the mess. Everyone stopped throwing things but Amber, who hadn't realized that he was present. "Take that, b****!" She shoved the volcano model over Delilah's head, crumbling in her hair and all over her. Amber looked pleased with herself.. at least until their teacher was hovering over her. She slowly looked up at him.

"Did you start this?" He said through gritted teeth. "Well, yeah, but-" She started to plea. "Detention for one month, and you'll be staying before and after school hours to clean this mess up. Understood?" Amber hung her head. "Yes." She took her detention slip and exited the room. Mr Gordon now looked at Delilah.

"Mr Gordon, look at what she did to me!" She exclaimed, motioning towards her head. He sighed. "Here's a hall pass. Girls, go wash up in the locker room, boys, go wash up in your locker room." The class exited the room and went to the locker rooms together, and on the way there, Delilah passed Drew. "What the heck, 'Lilah?" A tear fell from her eye. "Amber did this to me." He sighed. "Aw, baby." He said, kissing the lower part of her cheek- it was the only part of her not covered in experimental goo. "Go wash up, honey." She frowned, but followed her classmates.

The End

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