Chapter Three/ Amber

"So ... how do we start this thing?"

Amber cringed at the hated voice of her arch-nemesis, Delilah. Why oh why did they have to be lab partners? This was her greatest nightmare come true.

It was true; she had had nightmares of her being paired up with Delilah for anything. Her heartbeat started racing again. She looked around at everyone else. They were mostly all concentrating on their experiment, but a few were looking at her with pitying faces.

Tough luck.

Amber took a breath to try to slow her racing heart. It worked, but only slightly. She sat there, silent for a moment, wondering what to do. She certainly didn't want to answer that hated girl. She took a deep breath, and was about to tell Delilah to read the instructions herself, when Mr Gordon came over.

"Hello girls, how's that volcano experiment going on?" Mr Gordon smiled down at them.

Amber took a deep breath in. This was going to get her in trouble, she just knew it.

"Well, I'd loved to start it, and would have, by now, but for the fact that my lab partner won't tell me how to." Delilah turned her innocent-looking eyes up at Mr Gordon. Mr Gordon looked down at Amber disapprovingly.

"Amber, I thought you'd know better. After all, you usually are very into things like this. Experiments, maths, and other studies. What is wrong with you today?"

"Nothing," Amber mumbled half-heartedly, and looked down at her hands. She certainly couldn't tell Mr Gordon about her being bullied by Delilah; after all, Delilah was the teacher's pet.

"Well, I expect you two to start now. The instructions are already there." Then Mr Gordon walked to the front of the classroom. "You all have instructions and the correct equipment. I need to leave the classroom for a moment, and by the time I get back, I'd expect you all to already have started your experiment, and maybe even finished it. If you have, you have to start writing your summary of it. Everyone got that?"


Mr Gordon walked out of the classroom, leaving Amber and Delilah to stare at each other.

"Well, jerk? How do you start this stupid thing?"

Amber knew it. She had suspected that Delilah had only been good to make the teacher think she was such a nice kid. Huh.

"Come on, or has the cat got your tongue?" Delilah sat back and crossed her arms, obviously waiting for Amber to do something. Amber didn't want to be taunted again.

"Sorry," she whispered.

"That's right, you should be sorry. Now start the stupid experiment. I expect it to be done before the teacher comes back."

Amber dug her fingernails deep into her hand to quell her rising rage. Who was she to order her around like this? But nevertheless, Amber followed Delilah's instructions.

She obeyingly got the ingredients, and started the experiment. Her quick glances up at Delilah proved that her suspicions were correct; she wasn't even paying attention to the experiment. Delilah was locked in conversation with one of her minions.

Amber's frustration had been bottled up too long. She had to do something. Amber was on the verge of tears already, and all Delilah did was sit there, talking with her minion.

Amber looked down at the concoction that was bubbling up in the plastic volcano. This was something that she had to do.

She picked up the volcano with trembling fingers. She wasn't meant to be doing this. Oh, but how sweet the revenge would taste. Amber closed her eyes and lifted the volcano above Delilah's perfect hair. Amber sucked in a deep breath, the third one that she had taken. Her heart was pounding so quickly that she thought it might burst out of her ribcage.


A scream.

There, she had done it. Amber smiled at the look of rage upon Delilah's face. That was what she called revenge. Then Delilah screamed something about her getting there first, and Amber knew that it wasn't over.

She braced herself for the fight back. It was messy, but oh, this was so worth it.


The End

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