Chapter Two/Delilah

  "Ass!" Delilah's minions hoarded around Amber, who was now on the verge of tears. "And a fat ass, at that." Delilah added loudly into Amber's reddening face. "Please stop." Amber begged, tears now flowing out of her eyes. Delilah pushed her minions out of the way and whispered in her ear, "You'll always regret that day, Amber. I'll bet you're regretting it now, hm?"

Images of memories from 'the day Amber would regret' flashed through Delilah's mind. When Amber had been upset with her about Drew, she had humiliated her by dumping her lunch all over Delilah on picture day. Right before the pictures were to be taken. And she'd had to get retakes. Delilah never got retakes. And she never would've had to, if it weren't for that scumbag, Amber. Now she would regret ever doing what she did - among other things.

 Delilah turned around and with the snap of her long fingers, her 'friends' followed her down the hallways to their next classes. "Kristi, we didn't have any assignment in chem, right?" Kristi, a short and pretty girl flipped through her notebook then looked back up at Delilah. "No Delilah."

"Good." Delilah stood a foot away from her locker, waiting. A small, nerdy boy, Greg, stepped forward and opened her locker's door. "There you go, Delilah." She stepped forward and exchanged a few of her books, then headed to chemistry. Greg shut her locker door for her, then headed off to his class.

A pair of large hands covered Delilah's big brown eyes, and a male's voice spoke from behind her. "Guess who?" She smiled. "Drew." She escaped the boy's grasp and turned to face him, being pulled into an embrace. "Hi, Boo." Drew kissed the top of her head, then took her dainty hand and walked her to class. "Bye, Baby. I'll see you after class." Delilah kissed his cheek, then let him walk away. She waited in the doorframe for a while, watching him leave, then sat down at her seat next to Kristi.

"Alright, class, I believe you're all aware of my liking of change. Am I correct?" Mr. Gordon's loud voiced bounced off of the white walls of the classroom. The class answered in an almost simultaneous 'yes'. "Well, then you'll understand why I'm about to do the following. Class," He made a drum roll with his hands on his desk, "You're getting new lab partners!" All of the students glanced around at eachother, groans and complaints scattered throughout the room.

"Listen closely for your names. Will and Cassie, you're partners. Lola and Olive, partners. Jorge and Greg, Trey and Sarah, Mitchell and Regan, Star and Piper, Kristi and Evie," Delilah tuned out until she heard her name. "Delilah and Amber."

Her eyes widened, and she went into a sudden panic.

She was partners with her nemesis, Amber.

Just.. make the best of it, 'Lilah! And by the best of it, I mean the worst for her. Maybe you oould spill something down her shirt. Something.. that smells. Or that's colored.

Delilah heaved her books into her arms and walked over to Amber's table. She flopped her books down and sat behind them in the slightly cushy red stool."Hi, fatass." She whispered, turning to the side so only Amber could see her face. Amber ignored her and looked to the front of the room at Mr. Gordon.

"Alright, now that you're all situated, let's begin our project. Today we are going to make something that's fairly easy, but fun nonetheless! I assume you all know about homemade volcanos? Well, you and your new partner are going to build a volcanoe, and fill it with lava. Then present it to the class. I'll give you the next.. oh, forty minutes or so to discuss, experiment, and etcetera. And.. start!" He clicked the start button on the timer, and the room filled up with clatters and conversation. Delilah turned to Amber.

"So.. how do we start this thing?"

The End

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