Unexpected Amicability

Unexpected Amicability: A collab between Masquerade and I (MooMoo).
This is a story of two very different lives. Amber Sutton Smith is a bullied 15-coming-to-16 year old, and Delilah Mackenzie Hartman, a popular, stuck-up 15-coming-to-16 year old.
Amber avoids Delilah as much as possible, and Delilah strips Amber of her dignity -- frequently. But now both girls' sweet sixteenths are coming up, and now is the time for Amber to get revenge.
How will it all turn out? What happens to Delilah an

Amber Sutton Smith walked through the cold stone corridors of shame -- once again. Her eyes were shut firmly closed, like a shield against the battering onslaught of words. This time she had promised herself that she'd fight back, to show them that she wouldn't put up with it.

"Amber Sutton Smith. What a very odd name. I wonder what her initials spell? Do you?"

A chorus of 'yes' came straight after the jeering voice. Amber's palms grew sweaty, and sweat pricked the hairs on her neck. Please, she pleaded silently, don't say it.  

"I also wonder why the little boo-boo is closing her eyes?" Delilah Mackenzie Hartman asked innocently. 

Amber forced her eyes open. There they were: the 'demons' (as Amber liked to call them) of Grenstille High. Delilah Mackenzie Hartman stood, surrounded by her minions. Around her, other students avoided them, continuing on their normal lives. This was a common happening, and no one really paid attention to it.

Some, though, stopped, and cheered Delilah on. This was a way they avoided being bullied themselves. Her eyes started smarting, and the scene around her grew blurry.

She hated this. It happened every day. Even when Delilah encountered her in the mall she made fun of Amber. Amber had never found the courage to tell someone about it, though. She feared that Delilah would find out that she had told someone, and would make fun of that, too.

"Now that boo-boo isn't closing her eyes anymore, we can get onto the other question: what do her initials spell?"

Amber's heart started beating wildly. She felt like closing her eyes again, but she knew that would just lead to more jeering, and she wanted to get this over as soon as possible. Her face felt hot; damn, she was blushing. She frantically tried to stop it, but she couldn't.


Amber flinched. Why did her parents ever make her initials so stupid?

Amber's resolve withered away. She wasn't going to show them. Maybe next time. Maybe when Delilah had no cronies left to defend her. In her heart, Amber knew that that was never going to happen.

The End

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