A Way Out!

~~Guinevere's Perspective~~

Ro's eyes are dancing wildly, and even though I'd like to think she's hearing things, I know better. In a place like this, there's no underestimating anything. I stand still for a moment, straining my ears to hear anything like what Ro might've heard.

Nope, nothing. Just eerie silence. I resume walking.

Ro is hanging onto Rixon like he's a lifeline or something, and I feel very alone. And kind of unwanted. The feeling has been waxing and waning ever sine we tromped into the basement to find Scarlett. Shoving my selfish thoughts aside, I realize I've been walking really quickly. When I turn around to see where the doting couple is, I see they're quite a ways behind me. I stop to let them catch up to me.

My stomach growls loudly, and I place my hand over it, embarrassed. "Sorry, guys," I mumble. "I guess I'm just getting hungrier."

Ro is still lost in her own mind, but Rixon offers me a sympathetic smile. I feel both comforted and dismayed. Part of me is glad Rixon is smiling at me - maybe we'll get along well, after all! - but the other part of me is humiliated that I let my feelings show so vividly that I needed a sympathetic smile. 

A draft of wind causes my hair to tickle my cheek, and I look around. Wind? Where is the wind coming from? My heart is racing, and my blood is running through my veins. There shouldn't be wind in such an enclosed area!

And then, something crunches beneath my foot. I step away and examine the sole of my shoe.

A beetle.

"There's got to be a way out," I tell Ro and Rixon. "Otherwise, there wouldn't be living things in here."

The light in front of us is growing stronger and stronger.

The End

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