Ugly Thing


I felt a little better. The gum Guinevere had given me soothed my nerves and I was either pressed up to Rixon's side or up on his back which gave me comfort. Right now I was stood on my own two feet and my legs rocked and wobbled beneath me. Surely there was gonna be an exit or something soon

There was a sudden laugh. It rang out and seem to crawl along the wall. "What the hell was that?" I whisper.

Rixon and Guinevere turn and look at me frowning. "What was what?" Guinevere asked softly. I heard the laugh again.... then Scarlett's scream. I broke off it a run feeling adrenaline pump through my veins.

"Rose!" Rixon screamed and I heard Guinevere and him raced after me. It was too late though. I barreled through a door without a second thought. Oh gosh, I couldnt even stop a moment to think up all the horrible things that could be happening to Scarlett. The door slammed behind me and I heard Rixon's and Guinevere's yells but they were muffled.

I was stuck. I look around my heart pounding now not from the adrenaline but fear. Then a man stepped out. His eyes glowed red and a cold smile was set on his lips. "You will lead them to me.... understand?"

I felt the fear dampen in my mind. "Yes" I whisper unsure why.

"Good" he laughs then the door behind me swings open. I spin to face Rixon who tugs me into his arms. I cant help but look back over my shoulder though but the mans gone.

"What happened, Ro?" Guinevere asks putting a hand on my shoulder. I look over at her confused.

"You didn't hear them?" I whisper.

"Hear who?" Rixon asks looking confused along with Guinevere. I look up at him scared.

"You... You didnt?"

"No, if anything it was too quiet" Rixon says with a shrug. I grasp his shirt pressing myself to him scared.

"I think I'm hearing thing" I sob.

The End

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