Forging Ahead

~~Guinevere's Perspective~~

My stomach is growling, my skin is cold, and my mind is whirling a million miles an hour. With every step, my heart pounds, Go back! Go back! Go home!

But we can't go back. We can't go home. The escape route is gone, and we're stuck here. Underground. Underneath New York.

The pathetic thing is, life is going on like normal above us. People are probably shopping and talking and eating and enjoying their vacations. They have no idea what's going on underneath the ground of New York City. We're alone, and nobody can save us.

Every few minutes, I check my cellphone, hoping against all odds that it'll work. But everytime I check, it says the same thing: no signal. If only I could call somebody up there, we could maybe get out of here!

I look behind me. Ro and Rixon are watching me check my phone. With a shrug, I shake my head and journey onward. 

Ro is still hyperventilating. If we could only find something to eat, then maybe things would seem a little less hopeless. I remember the chewing gum in my purse. Maybe having something in my mouth will ease the dull hunger pain in my stomach.

"Want some gum?" I ask, holding the little packet out for Ro and Rixon to take some. They both take a piece, but nobody says what we're all thinking: We're going to starve down here.

With the citrusy flavor bursting in my mouth, I feel a little better, but soon enough we're going to get weak. I look around in the moldy place and hope for a trickle of water. 

Rixon voices my thoughts. "If it's moldy down here, then there's got to be a source of water," he says.

I nod my head and offer Rixon a worried smile. He takes the olive branch for what it is and returns my smile with one of his own. I look over at Ro, who seems to be calming down somewhat.

"Look!" Rixon calls. He points to a stream of water down the side of one of the stone walls. "I wonder where it's coming from!"

"It's probably not safe," Ro whines, but I don't pay attention to her. Now is not the time and here is not the place to be freaking out!

Since nobody seems to be making any moves, I venture over to the water source and stick my finger in the small flow. I put a drop in my mouth, but I can't taste it, so instead, I cup my hands under the stream of water and wait til a good amount wells up in my palms.

But right as I'm about to put the water to my mouth, I smell a horrible whiff of something. Gasping, I release the water in my hands. "I think it's sewer water!" I exclaim, wiping my dirty hands on my jeans. "Oh, great! This place is probably - " I stop, not finishing my sentence for Ro's sake. This place is probably rampant with disease!

Drawing a little bottle of hand sanitizer from her purse - for once, I'm glad that Ro is a clean freak - Ro squirts a bit of the antibacterial stuff in my hands. "Thanks," I mutter through numb lips.

This place is alot more dangerous than we'd first supposed. And I can tell from the looks on Ro's and Rixon's faces that they feel the same way.

Cold, scared, hungry, tired, thirsty, and now dirty, I forge ahead. 

The End

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