Not alone

I shiver. I shook. My whole body was cold to the bone. "Gosh, come here" Rixon mutters pulling me into his arms. We'd come out into a small dome. With a hell lot of shouting and tears I'd convinced Guinevere that we need her to rest.

Despite all the horrible things like insanity and illness I thought up from the depths of my brain to scare her into letting us stop I'd say it was the puppy eyes that were what made her give in.

Rixon huddled me close and I looked over and Guinevere who huddled into herself about a metre away. "C-come o-o-over he-ere" I stutter through my chattering teeth. "W-we sh-should use e-each other b-body heat t-to ke-keep warm" I watch as Guinevere slowly and reluctantly shuffles over. She came as close as she could without going an inch near Rixon. I frown but decide to drop it. I dont want to start a fight. Not when we're all caged down here in this bloody underground maze with the only way to go is towards whatevers down here.

"If I knew we were gonna go cave exploring I'd of brought some gear" Rixon mutters in a way to lighten the mood. Guinevere just looks away and I smile sheepishly up at him but know it looks half-hearted with my shivering lips.

"I'm hungry" Guinevere finally brings up the main problem. Food. I hug my empty stomach. "I think we should start moving"

"Agreed" Rixon says.

"Do we have to?" I complain.

"I'll give you a piggy back" Rixon says. He nods at the next passage. "The next passage looks wide enough for that. I smile brightly and when we get up I take my place up on Rixon's back. I smile towards Guinevere, who while seems reluctant, smiles back.

We then continue down the passage way. Then a rumble. We all freeze. "What was t-"

A crash roars out and suddenly a rock falls cutting of the back route again. We're all left trembling except for Rixon who squeezes my legs supportively. I wrap my arms tightly round his neck burying my face in his back. "I want to go home" I sob.

The End

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