Not Alone...

~~Guinevere's Perspective~~

"I hate Scarlett for bringing us down here right now." That's it. Ro says she hates Scarlett. No prelude or anything - in these past few life-changing minutes, conflict is already brewing amongst the three of us.

Or four of us, if you count Rixon. I prefer not to.

My freezing, water-drenched clothes cling to my body, chilling my skin right down to the bone. Or maybe it's not the water that's chilling my bones - maybe it's just the fact that this all is happening. Or maybe both. Or maybe I'm just rambling because my nerves are getting frayed.

The corridor is dark, dank, and moldy. It's all I can do not to turn around and march right back to where we came from. Then again, that's not possible. There's no way out of this abyss - I can feel it in my chilled bones.

I squeeze along through the corridor. It reminds me of when my family and I went caving, about six years ago. It was when Mom and Dad were still married. I remember how exciting it was to work our way through the caverns, and how my younger siblings and I kept screaming whenever we got scared. I feel like screaming now - only this time, I know I can't. I'm a big girl now - no screaming allowed.

As we make our way through the corridor, I see a bit of light, streaming from somewhere I hadn't noticed before. I stop for a moment and squint my eyes, trying to figure out where the light's coming from. Ro and Rixon bump into me, since I stopped so quickly.

"What is it?" Rixon asks.

I point toward the light. It flickers, and I hear the sound of footsteps.

I turn around to face Ro and Rixon.

"We're not alone."

Ro's eyes grow wide, and she begins to slink back down the corridor. "I'm not going in there," she whines, and Rixon grabs her hand.

"It's gonna be okay," Rixon says, but he looks at me, trying to gauge my level of fear. His eyes are asking me questions: What's going on? Where are we? What's going to happen to us?

"We're not alone," I say again, since there doesn't seem to be anything better to say.

"I say we go back where we came from," Ro insists.

"I don't think we should," I say. "I think we should face this head-on. It's the only way we'll find Scarlett!"

Rixon remains quiet, and I can tell he's trying not to choose sides.

"I think it's best if we keep going," I continue. "Turning and running away won't help Scarlett!" 

As though on cue, a stone door that we didn't notice before begins to groan. And then, with a thud of finality, it blocks off our escape route. We all remain silent for several long moments.

We now have no choice but to move in the direction of the light.

The End

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