"What the fudge?" I whisper. Rixon looks at me raising an eyebrow and giving me a small smirk. "I don't like to swear"

"She avoids it all cost" Guinevere says as she moves to stand next to me having caught up. I look across at her briefly and can almost sense the buzz of annoyance. Oh gosh, what have I done? Or is it Rixon?

"I think its cute" Rixon whispers in my ears.

"Gosh, save the lovey dovey stuff for after we've rescued Scarlett" Guinevere snaps and then avoids looking at both of us. Rixon glares at her while I look down at my feet ashamed.

"Sorry, Guinevere" I whisper. "Um, which way?"

We focus back on the thing that left me super confused. The three passage ways or should I say stairways. Two go down and one goes up. "I'd say down" Rixon mutters.

"Which one?" Guinevere says looking at the left and right but not the centre. I bite my lip.

"I think the down ones are meant to trick us" I mutter. They both look at me and I blush. "Well, most people would think to go down. Wouldnt they?"

"I suppose you're right" Guinevere mutters.

"Besides the ones going down are lit better. Never ever go for the easiest looking route" I say nodding. Guinevere looks across at me a small smile on her face.

"Maybe your fears are good for something after all. It certainly makes you aware" she says. I reach out and squeeze her hand once before moving back up to Rixon. Guinevere nods once in understand. "I'll go first" she says calmly then begins up the stairs.

I follow next with Rixon behind me. Then Guinevere screams. "Guinevere!" I yell heading up the stairs quicker. Then me and Rixon discover why she screamed. The steps stop short and we fall. I scream an ear piercing scream and Rixon whose falling slight above me tugs me into his arms. Then we hit water. Rixon pushing me up out of his arms and I break the surface gasping for breath before him.

Then I see Guinevere whose sat soaking wet on an island. "Over here, Ro!" she calls I begin swimming knowing Rixon is behind me. Guinevere tugs me onto the small island and Rixon pulls himself up.

"That was strange" I mutter begin to shiver.

"Tell me about it" Guinevere mutters. Rixon see's my shivering and even though he's wet tugs me into his arms.

"Shouldnt we start walking?" I chatter. Guinevere looks at me confused. "If we dont move hypothermia will set in"

"Okay" Guinevere says staggering to her feet. "Gosh, why did that water have to be so cold?"

"I think all the stairs were booby trapped" Rixon says pointing up. We both look up and see three drops.

"Well thats dandy" Guinevere mutters. "Glad we took that staircase though the others seem to drop on to rocks"

I look myself and shiver. "So where can we go?" I ask and I watch as Guinevere points towards a thin corridor. We'll all have to move sideways through. "I hate Scarlett for bringing us down here right now"

The End

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