I feel myself being dragged. Through different passageways. Across a cold, hard, damp floor. Wait -- floor? I thought I was underground. Where am I being taken? By who? What have I gotten myself into? I've lost my mind. I can't even remember how I got back here. I have a faint memory of a creepy face with red eyes, just like I thought I saw at the hotel. Then I told Ro and Guinevere I had to go to the bathroom, and somehow ended up here.

I wonder where they are now. I screamed a minute ago, but doubt anyone heard me. I almost faint at considering my fate now. I've led everyone into danger, it's all my fault. 

Well, they do say curiousity killed the cat!

How can you be humorous at a time like this? I ask myself. After scolding myself I try and turn around to see where I am, but nothing is familiar. That red eyed thing is dragging me. Or is it? I'm so confused and scared.

Suddenly I think about my family, Ro, Guinevere, college, my life. And I panic. Where will I be in a few hours? In a few days? What about in a few months?

I panic even more thinking about who (or what) exactly is dragging me and what they could do to me.

And then everything goes black.


"No one will ever find you," a cold, toneless voice speaks out through the darkness.

I spin around, only to find that I'm in a single room with no apparent doors or windows. How did we enter? My head is throbbing. My legs are covered in cuts and bruises from something -- maybe being dragged? Who was that speaking?

I have so many questions that aren't being answered and so many things to worry about, I don't have time to figure out even where the voice came from. Then it speaks again.

"I swear, if you try anything, you're friends -- not to mention you -- will be hurt," the voice says. It's a somewhat smooth, creepy voice, and it doesn't exactly sound human.

Scared to death, I don't have the courage to answer. Then it dawns on me that he said friends. How does he know about them?

I lean my head down and sob silently -- for myself, my friends, and because of what I've gotten us into.

The End

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