Little known


"It.... Nothing happened" she said. "Look, I'm going downstairs to grab a drink"

"I'll come with you" I say beginning to get up.

"No, Ro!" Scarlett snaps. I freeze my eyes widening feeling like I'm about to cry. Scarlett sees this and sighs shaking her head. "I need a moment alone" she mutters softly before leaving. I look across at Guinevere whose face is creased with a frown. She looks at me and shrugs acting as if its not a big deal.

I know it is though. I can also tell she thinks it is. I'm worried. Both of us are cause we have no idea what could of frightened Scarlett so bad. What could make her start to see things?

"I'm going to have a shower" I mutter. I go into the bathroom closing the door behind me firmly. I go through my routine coming back out and hour later. Guinevere gestures to my phone.

"Waiter guy texted you" she says. I squeal and skip over running to yank my phone up into my grasp. I slump onto my bed and open up the text.

'Hey, wondered if ya wanna go out 2night xx'

I bite my lip and look over a Guinevere. She looks over and sighs. "No, Ro" she says shaking her head with a small smile. I sigh and agree. While I'd love to spend time with Rixon I came here to spend time with my friends.

'sorry can't x'

I text back giggling when I add the kiss. Guinevere rolls her eyes and gets up. "We should go a find Scarlett" she says. I nod and grab my bag putting my phone in my pocket.

We walk quickly down the to bar but when we get there we're left completely confused. "Where is she?" I whisper looking up at Guinevere. "Oh god, what if she's been kidnapped?"

I panic and Guinevere turns to me an angry look on her face. "Calm down, Ro. Please" she says firmly. "I dont know where we is but we'll find her"


"No buts!" she snaps. "I'm scared as well now"

"W-where are we gonna look?" I stutter hugging my stomach.

"I dont know" Guinevere says. "How could she just run off?!?"

I wince at the harsh tone in Guinevere's voice. I can tell she's worried but she's also angry at Scarlett. I'm angry as well but I'm just to worried. Oh gosh, what if she has been kidnapped? What if she gets killed?

"Lets go.... I think we should start at the bookshop" Guinevere says already racing out of the bar. "Start where the madness began"

"I know you might not like this idea but I think I should call Rixon. He can drive us there and... I'd feel safer with him since he knows the city"

Guinevere turns to look at me and nods slowly. I can tell she's half and half, for and against the idea but she knows its something I need. I nod back and pluck my phone out of my pocket dialing Rixon.

"Hey, babe" he says. I shiver and bite my lip.

"Rixon... one of my friends has gone missing. I need your help"


We pull up outside the bookshop and Guinevere gets out striding towards it the moment we've pulled up. I scramble out after her. Rixon follows confused. "Why here?"

"She started acting weird after she went into the basement" I tell him shivering against the cold. He pulls my up to his side and we follow Guinevere as she moves up to the door.

She turns the handle and the door swings open. "Strange its still open" she mutters as we walk in.

"AHHHH!" the scream echos out. Guinevere looks back at me her eyes wide. Thats Scarlett's scream.

"What the hell was that?" he whispers.

"Thats Scarlett" I whisper almost beginning to cry. I shift closer to Rixon clutching his shirt. "Oh gosh, Guinevere, what if-"

"Dont start!" she snaps. "Let's go"

We head towards the stairs. "I dont like this" I whisper quietly.

The End

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